About us

SimCardSMS is the service where any one can send both single and multiple SMS in bulk from their mobile device using our web portal. SimCardSMS provides web based Bulk SMS messaging services to large and small businesses, public benefit organizations, and individuals. It is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing, and also for information and communication between the stakeholders. It is beneficial for media companies, enterprises and consumer brands for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing.

Your Handset will send sms automatically using Android application with Simcard SMS. We at Simcard SMS services aim to become synonymous with Bulk SMS in very cheap price. We have built a scalable Bulk SMS service engine that provides a highly customizable platform for SMS based applications.Our system enables easily you to manage your SMS communications among mobile, your computer, Laptops, Tablets. Our system also handle API Integration to make every feature in our Bulk SMS software accessible. API allow integrating with your websites, system and other online services easily

Friendly Interface
Our SimCardSMS is advanced yet highly user friendly allows you to easily compose, manage, and send bulk SMS campaigns.
Unicode Support
It also allows sending and receiving Texts in any language. Start texting across the nation today with our Unicode support.

Application Area of SimCardSMS
Our services can be used on several sectors related to Manpower Sector, Healthcare Sector, IT/Software Sector, Hotel/Restaurant, Insurance Companies, Contest/Event Promotions, Tours & Travel Industries, Stock/Commodity Market, Automobile Industries, Radio, TV & Publishing, INGO/NGO,Organizations,Trading Houses,Product Branding/Launching, Courier and Logistics, Real Estate, Government, Entertainment Industries, Multiplex Theaters,Ecommerce,Market Research & Feedback,Educational Sector, Manpower Sector and many moreā€¦.